eSky UWB indoor positioning system arranges a certain number of UWB anchors in mines/caves, allowing workers to wear UWB tags to achieve centimeter-level precise positioning, which can also assist attendance and calculate working hours while ensuring the safety of workers. UWB positioning tags can also be attached to vehicles and valuable materials, which can improve the scheduling efficiency of vehicles and materials while preventing theft and avoid disorderly transportation and stacking.

The system supports the alarm function, and set up Geo-fence. When detects illegal entry and exit, overtime stay, crowd gathering or emergency, it will make alarm. The UWB tag has its own SOS button. In case of difficulties or dangers, the wearer can actively press the button to call for help.

Solution Highlights

  • Locating workers, help in working attendance

  • Real-time locating cars and assets, avoid loss and disorders

  • Collision warning

  • SOS alarm 

  • Geo-fence

Application Area