New Project: LoRa is coming

LoRa is Long Range Radio, a low-power local area network wireless standard created by semtech. Its biggest feature is that it can propagate farther than other wireless methods under the same power consumption conditions, achieving low power consumption and Long-distance unification, it extends 3-5 times the communication distance than traditional wireless radio frequency under the same power consumption.

Features of LoRa

1. Transmission distance: up to 2-5Km in towns and 15 Km in suburbs

2. Working frequency: ISM frequency band, including 433, 868, 915 MH, etc.

3. Capacity: A LoRa gateway can connect thousands of LoRa nodes

4. Transmission rate: hundreds to tens of Kbps, the lower the rate, the longer the transmission distance

5. Modulation method: Based on spread spectrum technology, a variant of linear modulation spread spectrum, with forward error correction capability

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