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BLE Monitoring Device for Indoor Positioning

  • Slave device to ES500-I

  • Low-cost and small size

  • Report BLE positioning via master device

  • Store positioning information if master device is not found

  • Long standby time

  • Anti-lost and anti-stolen

  • SOS button

  • BLE connection

  • Power saving mode

  • Storing messages

  • OTA (Over-the-air)

ES510-I is a BLE IoT device, which can be used to locate people, assets and other objects indoors. it can be used in a wide range case including logistics, healthcare, manufacturing, retail and in warehouses hospital, airports, smart buildings and at schools. The device supports indoor geofence. As a master device (using as data router), ES500-I can relay all information collected by its slave-devices to server in configurable interval. As a slave-device, ES510-I is much cheaper and smaller in size, easy to carry or deploy.

General Specifications





Battery Capacity


Supply Voltage 


Power Consumption

- Active mode:<72mA @4VDC

- Power saving mode:<4mA @4VDC

- Deep sleep mode:<10μA @4VDC

Operation Temperature

-20 to 65

Storage Temperature

-20 to 65

BLE Module

Cypress CYBT-343026-01

Feature List

Indoor Geofence

Send alert message when the device is in and/or out of a certain area (room)

Collect Visitor Information

Combined with master device, the server can collect all visitors' information (where and how long a visitor stays) and how many visitors arrive at a certain area (room)

SOS Button

Press the button when wearers get lost or in emergency

Elderly Care

Send alert when the aged people stay in certain area (room) for too long

Power Saving Mode

Go to sleep mode and save power consumption between report intervals

Storing Messages

Store messages if out of cellular coverage

OTA (Over-the-air)

Firmware can be remotely upgraded via its master device ES500-I