Verizon Completes Long-haul 800Gbps Single-wavelength Fibre Data Session

Verizon has revealed a successful test of a live fibre network to move 800Gbps of data on a single wavelength across extreme distances. It says this advancement in its fibre network will lay the back-haul groundwork for managing the gigabit speeds, super low single-digit millisecond latency and huge scalability needed to support its 5G Ultra Wide Band (UWB) network.

Earlier this year, Verizon announced its success as the first carrier in the industry to move 800Gbps with multiple suppliers over a short distance on a single wavelength. With the completion of this new demonstration, carried out with Infinera, Verizon claims to have become the first carrier in the industry to advance this fibre technology to a long-haul scenario.

The comms supplier believes the inherent characteristics of 5G technology will support a wide variety of use cases, including everything from massive numbers of IoT (internet of things) devices that do very little networking, to smartphones with infinite opportunities to use data, to more complex solutions such as AR/VR (augmented/virtual reality) that will require massive computing capabilities on the edge of the network.

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